• Lophelia Banks

    Lophelia Banks

    A 4 man submersible provides a platform for schientists to explore the Eastern seaboard and sea floor. This mound is viewed at 1800 feet deep. North Carolina has a vast, unexplored system of these coral mounds. They provide the foundation for the water column we depend on for our seafood supply. resources.

  • Prague Reflection

    Prague Reflection

    Church of St. Nicholas reflected in the window of the Old Town Hall in Prague, Czech Republic

  • Entrance to Below

    Entrance to Below

    A dive shack 400 miles off the coast of Alaska. Divers use it to enter the world below the ice through a 4 food hole cut into the ice.

  • The Green

    The Green

    A nice courtyard setting in Pragues's Old Town Square

  • Troll Station

    Troll Station

    This photo was taken near Troll Station, the Norwegian research station in Antarctica, as scientist travel in 'glorified tractors' to the South Pole

  • The Path

    The Path

    Where we came from as we made our way away from Troll Station Antarctica

  • Alone


    Lone tree in the Yellowstone lnadscape

  • Walking on the Ocean

    Walking on the Ocean

    Floating on the Arctic Ocean for 30 days aboard an icebreaker provides a view of the world, unmatched.

  • The Taxi View

    The Taxi View

    Bangkok traffic is hell. The air quality matches

  • Haghia Sophia

    Haghia Sophia

    What happens when man sets his mind to beauty.

  • St. John of Nepomuk

    St. John of Nepomuk

    This 1693 sculpture commemorates St. John of Nepomuk. He was chained and thrown over Prague's Charles Bridge to his death. The sculpture of bronze and gold-leaf is worn from years of touching for good luck.

  • Another Day in Paradise

    Another Day in Paradise

    A weather station is set by scientists to study climate change in the Arctic. The Russian Icebreaker, Dranitsyn, in the background was home to the scientists for 30 days

  • To walk on Frozen Ocean

    To walk on Frozen Ocean

    This was the view in all directions; 150 miles South of the North Pole

  • Bering Sea 2007

    Bering Sea 2007

    The view from a helicopter flying from Gabell, Alaska to the US Coast Guard Icebreaker, Healy.

  • 83 North

    83 North

    The view from the bow of the Russian Icebreaker, Dranitsyn, as we break through ice heading North.

  • Golden Trees

    Golden Trees

    Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, Ca

  • Life


    Life in Yellowstone National Park

  • Northern Crosses

    Northern Crosses

    An old graveyard in Barrow, Alaska

  • Trip from Troll Station

    Trip from Troll Station

    Scientists make their way across the ice in Antarctica

  • Cooper Island, Alaska

    Cooper Island, Alaska

    Cooper Island is one of my favorite places.For several weeks every year it is the home of George Divoky, a scientist of unbelievable dedication. www.cooperisland.org

  • View from the Bottom of the World

    View from the Bottom of the World

    Morning in Antarctica 2007

  • Rescue


    One landing strip at Troll Station, Antarctica provides scientists with all needed supplies from the outside world.

  • Corolla Light

    Corolla Light

    Lighthouse at Corolla, North Carolina

  • Barrow, Alaska

    Barrow, Alaska

  • King Island, Alaska

    King Island, Alaska

    An abandoned stilt Village know to its former inhabitants as 'Ukivok'.

  • Barcelona


    Barcelona rooftop at sunset

  • Guggenheim Bilbao

    Guggenheim Bilbao

    Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

  • Snowfall


    Snowfall at Dorothea Dix campus, Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Lets Talk

    Lets Talk

    Snow. Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Van


    Barrow, Alaska

  • Big Sur

    Big Sur

  • 1BROOM


    Anganguea, Mexico

  • 1_MG_1294