• I can't imagine life without the ice

    I can't imagine life without the ice

    All science missions off the coast of Alaska have a native team member who help scientist understand the native way of life. They provide knowledge of the Alaskan natural world to help seal hunts and science coexist.

  • The Bread Man

    The Bread Man

    A Michoacan farmer takes a break from building a fire for baking bread. Once his wife has baked the bread, the two will hike or hitch 7 miles to Angangueo to sell their goods.

  • Knowledge from the Bottom

    Knowledge from the Bottom

    Scientists record ice data in Antartica; 650 km from the Norweigan base, Troll Station.

  • Maria


    A child in Angangueo, Mexico prepares for school.

  • Waiting for the Monarchs

    Waiting for the Monarchs

    An old man sits in a market waiting for monarch butterflies and the tourists they will attract. All the monarchs from Eastern North America fly to this one small town in Michoacan, Mexico to overwinter.

  • Brenda


  • Firewood


    An Ethiopian woman walks 5 miles to gather wood for cooking.

  • Handmade tortillas

    Handmade tortillas

    The best breakfast ever. Homemade tortillas, fresh eggs and chorizo

  • Man's Best Friend

    Man's Best Friend

    A man and his dog cook as they walk the streets of Bangkok, Thailand

  • Religious Man

    Religious Man

    Addus Abba, Ethiopia

  • Saint Louis Girl

    Saint Louis Girl

    Saint Louis, Senegal

  • George Divoky

    George Divoky

    The Scientist who saw the future. George has studied the same Guillomott colony on a small island off the coast of Alaska for 30 years. He saw and documented climate change early on.

  • Daily Catch

    Daily Catch

    2 children in Gambell, Alaska smile in front of the weeks catch. Seal and walrus meat dry on the racks.

  • Waiting to Deliver

    Waiting to Deliver

    A delivery man naps on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand.

  • I Can't Breathe

    I Can't Breathe

    Students waiting for a bus in Bangkok, Thailand where the air is thick.

  • Science Below the Ice

    Science Below the Ice

    350 miles north of the Alaskan coast, scientists dive below the ice to document a world only a fewget to see.

  • Brothers


    Brothers on the beach, Accra, Ghana

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